Bearhug Electric Blanket - Power Consumption and Running Cost

Power consumption and Electricity Cost of Bearhug Electric Blankets

A Bearhug electric blanket will cost you between $4 to $26 every month in electricity costs. The main variables that cause this variation are the product model and the daily usage. Different models of the Bearhug electric blanket have different wattages and the number of hours you use the product every day will also cause a variation in the amount you will end up paying as electricity charges.

In terms of power consumption, Bearhug electric blankets have 5 different models and depending on the model, the power consumption is either 100 Watts or 200 Watts.

ModelPower ConsumptionMonthly Cost (8 hours daily) DollarsMonthly Cost (12 hours daily) DollarsMonthly Cost (16 hours daily) DollarsMonthly Cost (24 hours daily) Dollars
Full Size100W4.36.48.512.8
  • Throw – 100 Watts
  • Oversized Throw – 100 Watts
  • Twin – 100 Watts
  • King – 200 Watts
  • Queen – 200 Watts

How we calculated the power consumption and cost of Bearhug Electric Blankets

Power consumption of any electrical appliance is one of its main specifications. These details were obtained from the manufacturer for Bearhug electric blankets.

For calculating the electricity cost of running Bearhug electric blankets, we assumed four different usage scenarios. Daily usage of 8 hours, 12 hours, 16 hours and 24 hours.

Based on these usage scenarios and the average cost of electricity in the United States, we calculated the monthly cost of using a Bearhug electric blanket.

Does a Bearhug electric blanket use as much electricity as a Space Heater?

Your Bearhug electric blanket is much more energy efficient than a space heater. While the wattage of a Bearhug Queen Size electric blanket is 200 Watts, a small space heater will be in the range of 750 Watts. This is more than seven times as much as the electric blanket. Your electricity costs will be seven times as much for a space heater as compared to the Bearhug electric blanket.

How does Bearhug electric blanket compare with other household products?

An electric blanket is a very cost efficient way to heat yourself in colder months. Even compared to other household appliances, a Bearhug electric blanket is very energy efficient.

  • Bearhug Twin Size Electric Blanket – 100 Watts
  • 65 Inch TV – 130 Watts
  • Laptop Computer – 75 Watts
  • Double Door Refrigerator – 300 Watts
  • Washing Machine – 850 Watts
  • Dishwasher – 1800 Watts

How many hours a day should I use the Bearhug Electric Blanket?

Depending on your needs, you might need to use your electric blanket at different times of the day. Since the power consumption of the Bearhug electric blanket is low, especially when compared to other room heating methods, you can go ahead and use it for as long as you like. It also has an auto-off feature which means that the power will cut off after a set duration (1-12 hours) which will ensure that your electricity consumption is not very high.

Are Electric Blankets good for heating?

Electric Blankets are one of the most energy efficient ways to keep yourself warm during colder months. Since an electric blanket focuses on keeping a person warm rather than an entire room, the cost of running them is much lower than room heating. If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy usage, an electric blanket will be a sound investment.

Frequently asked questions about Bearhug Electric Blankets

How many sizes do Bearhug electric blankets come in?

The Bearhug Electric Blanket comes in five different sizes. The dimensions for these sizes is below

    • Throw – 50″x60″
    • Oversized Throw – 50″x70″
    • Twin – 62″x84″
    • King – 100″x90″
    • Queen – 84″x90″

Do Bearhug electric blankets have an auto-shut off feature?

Yes, Bearhug electric blankets have an auto heating shut off feature. You can select the number of hours after which you want the blanket to auto shut-off. You can choose between 1-12 hours.

Can Bearhug electric blanket be used without electricity?

If you do not feel the need to use the electric heating function, you can use the Bearhug electric blanket as a regular blanket too. You can disconnect the plug-in cord which also houses the controller and use just the blanket.

Can I sleep on Bearhug electric blanket?

You can use your Bearhug electric blanket as an underblanket by sleeping on top of it. However, this might not be very comfortable as you will be sleeping on the electric heating elements which are actually wires within the blanket.

How to clean the Bearhug electric blanket?

To clean your Bearhug electric blanket, you can pop it into the washing machine after removing its plug-in cord which also houses the controller

Is the Bearhug electric blanket safe around pets?

The Bearhug electric blanket is completely safe around pets. In fact, your pets might even snuggle up to you more when you are using the blanket to get warm themselves. For animals with sharp claws however, you want to be careful as their claws might tear the soft flannel of the blanket.

What do I do if the controller for Bearhug electric blanket gets hot?

It is normal for the controller of the Bearhug electric blanket to get a little warm after a few hours of usage. However, if the controller gets unbearably hot to hold, then this might be a fault and could be dangerous. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to check the electric blanket for faults.

Does Bearhug electric blanket come with replacement cords and controllers?

No, the Bearhug electric blanket is not shipped with any replacement cords or controllers. If you require one, it would be best to contact the manufacturer.

What is the wattage for Bearhug electric blankets?

The Bearhug electric blanket has 5 different models when it comes to wattage and their wattage is either 100 Watts (throw and twin size) or 200 Watts (king and queen size). This means that the blanket will consume 1 unit of electricity for every 5 or 10 hours of operation.

Conclusion – Energy cost of Bearhug Electric Blankets

Bearhug electric blankets cost between $4 and $26 per month in electricity costs. They are one of the most efficient ways to keep yourself warm in colder months.

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